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BAAR members who serve on one of our many committees can help make the policy decisions that mold and drive both the Association and the real estate industry.

What's in it for you? Association leadership offers a host of personal and professional growth opportunities! Here are just a few:

  • Develops organizational, decision-making, and leadership skills
  • Heightens your knowledge of the real estate industry
  • Enhances your REALTOR® image
  • Builds confidence and business contacts

Interested in joining a committee? Carefully consider the duties and commitments described below, determine 2-3 that suit your talents and interests, then email the BAAR office. We will answer your questions or connect you to a Committee Chair.

Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities

Activities and Events

This committee coordinates and promotes all activities and events which increase the REALTOR® identity and presence and enhances the REALTOR® public image in the communities the association serves. Due to the numerous activities and events that occur throughout the year, this committee is broken down to subcommittees which are designated for the various individual activities and events, so no one gets 'burned out' by doing all of them. Other functions of the committee are to encourage and coordinate participation in community service projects, and be aware of future projects in which BAAR members could participate.

Committee meets monthly, typically the last Wednesday of the month.


This committee works closely with the Association Executive to facilitate the awards process by coordinating, reviewing, and determining the recipients of the annual awards presented to members of the association at the Installation and Awards dinner each year. Additionally, members of this committee are encouraged to work with the Activities and Events committee to plan the awards portion of the annual event.

Committee meets several times from January thru April.

Community Investment Committee

This committee identifies and reviews non-profit groups and organizations throughout Kent and Queen Anne's Counties for annual donations. The committee reviews the purpose, impact, and overall benefit of the group or program to the community it serves, and then presents their findings to the Board of Directors.

Committee meets 4 times from September thru November.


This committee works to develop and make available ongoing required continuing education classes for member license renewals. They identify and present classes that enhance both professional and personal development, as well as oversee and promote the annual statewide Fair Housing Calendar event conducted by Maryland REALTORS®. Additionally, this committee shall work with the Association Executive to offer public seminars on topics of interest and benefit to the general public that are real estate related.

Committee meets quarterly

Equal Opportunity/Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ("DEI")

Promotes equal opportunity in housing and real estate; develops programs that inform and promote awareness of cultural diversity among members with the public and in partnership with other real estate organizations. The mission is to create an authentic, vibrant, and inclusive industry culture through education, member engagement, leadership recruitment and community outreach.

Committee meets quarterly.


We have joined the Statewide Professional Standards Coalition at Maryland REALTORS®. We encourage you to join their committee. Volunteer (


The Legislative committee reviews upcoming legislative on a local and state level that pertains to, or has an impact on, real estate or the real estate industry. The Chair of this committee serves as BAAR's representative on the Maryland REALTORS® Legislative Committee during the state legislative session.

Committee review proposed legislation from January thru April, and then as needed.

Membership Committee

This committee shall develop a plan by December 1st of each year to promote affiliate membership by all related businesses and individuals surrounding counties.  It shall work in conjunction with the Association Officer to assure prompt registration and fee collection from any agent affiliating with BAAR.  This committee shall plan out and implement new ideas to provide more benefits and services to all members.

This committee also holds Orientation for new members.   It may solicit new members and will assure that all Designated REALTORS® comply with reporting nonmember licensees to the board under the Designated REALTOR® dues formula and services the Board may want to offer or endorse

Committee meets monthly.

Ombuds Committee

Ombuds Procedures are intended to provide enhanced communications and initial problem-solving capacity to the professional standards process. An Ombuds can respond to general questions regarding real estate practices, transaction details, ethical practices and enforcement issues. Ombuds services shall be offered by our Association prior to the filing of a formal ethics complaint or arbitration request with MD REALTORS®. REALTORS® appointed to be Ombuds must:

  1. Meet criteria for extensive real estate experience and/or additional qualifications as determined by Maryland REALTORS® Board of Directors;
  2. Demonstrate objectivity;
  3. Participate in a training program; and
  4. Possess extensive knowledge of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, state license law and best practices.

Committee Meets: For formal training with MD REALTORS® twice annually and as requested for Ombuds Procedures.

Professional Standards

We have joined the Statewide Professional Standards Coalition at Maryland REALTORS®. We encourage you to join their committee. Volunteer (

RPAC (REALTORS® Political Action Committee)

This committee helps educate the members on the benefits and important of the REALTORS® Political Action Committee. It encourages members to donate; coordinates fundraising events working with the Activities and Events Committee; interviews candidates to determine potential recipients for contributions; attends local and state political events and activities.

Committee meets monthly.

Strategic Planning

This committee shall formulate the Strategic Plan as a guide for the Association’s future and to encourage implementation of it through Association programs and committees.  The committee identifies and assesses issues and trends of the real estate industry, as well as expectations and needs of the membership.  Committee members should have a good business background and broad committee experience within the Association.

Committee Meets: Biannually

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